Eco – Resort Kara Bulak is a place where you can make a horseback ride to various interesting places.

Horse riding can give you a lot of unforgettable impressions and improve your mood. And regular communication with horses can be beneficial affect your health. The complex has its own horses.

The program of the tour “Chunkurchak”

Tour to one of the most memorable and vivid gorges of Chunkurchak. A National Biosphere Reserve awaits you, traveling through which you can stumble upon the bright red meadows of tulips, among which there are Royal Tulips, with a height of 15-18 cm. In addition, you can enjoy the picturesque nature and magnificent cliffs.


Eco-complex “Kara-Bulak”


Dungurotmo Gorge


Difficulty: medium

Duration: 5 hours

Length: 15 km

Max height: 2100 m


Horse tour “Tash-Yrgytma”

You will find mesmerizing plains with clean mountain air and a beautiful view of the city, as well as the opportunity to see real wild golden eagles. Here, far from civilization, you can feel like a nomad who just enjoys his journey.


Eco-complex “Kara-Bulak”

Tash-Yrgytma (panorama)

Bashki Kol

Difficulty: medium

Duration: 5 -6 hours

Length: 13.5 km

Max height: 2 180 m