Dear guest, welcome to Kara Bulak eco-resort!

Eco-resort “Kara Bulak” is a gift of nature, which we have turned into a comfortable place for the reunion  with nature.

The complex has preserved natural vegetation. Here the place, those for whom the standard good relaxation is clean air, wellness and calm family holiday.


The history of Kara Bulak Eco Resort began in the early 2000s, during one of the hiking trips in the mountains of the Chui valley, the founder of the eco-resort saw the beautiful area of Kara Bulak in the tract Tatyr.

On walks, the founder returned again and again to this place, contemplated its beauty and breathed the mountain fresh air, washed his face with spring-water relieving fatigue. Then he began to dream that people from all over the world could see and feel the very wonderful sensations that filled him when visiting this place.

Throughout the construction process, the founder was adamant in his values: – caring for the environment without violating the laws of nature and ecology as a whole. The admiration of people who will arrive in this area.

Harmonies in co-existence with nature, with neighbors, with the state and local community.

The idea that communication with nature will be irreplaceable a natural resource that regenerates a person a new and gives new energy, was the message that motivated our inspirer to start creating and building Kara Bulak Eco Resort.

Founder and inspirer of resort Egemberdiev Zhumadil

The eco-resort “Kara Bulak” is located in the middle of the majestic and picturesque mountains of the Chuy valley near the Chunkurchak gorge, only 25 km from the city Bishkek at an altitude of 1800 meters above sea level.

Here you can breathe and enjoy the crystal clear mountain air, meet rare mountain birds that captivate with their beauty, and get an exciting experience with an unforgettable panoramic view of the mountains and the capital.

Eco-resort “Kara Bulak” provides you with a range of services, including accommodation with kymyz treatment, corporate events and conferences with catering, a range of additional services for outdoor activities, and also a unique ethnic bath “Yshtyk Moncho”.