Yshtyk moncho is stylized as the “Nomad’s Bath” and has a special unique history. This is reflected in its layout and in the services that we provide to customers, whether it is herbal tea with the most useful herbs or treats behind a fire, which wonderfully merge into the concept of a bath of nomadic people. This is a truly unique bathhouse, which included the features of the tradition of nomadic life, while giving the opportunity to experience a unique experience that will help not only to try something special, but will make the guest expand his consciousness and improve, having received a true reunion with nature in unique conditions.

Yshtyk Moncho is a bath-and-health complex with exclusive recreation and health services.


– Unique steam room with dry steam up to 140 degrees
– Pool filled with mountain spring water
– Herbal baths in the open air among the mountains with the addition of decoctions of sea buckthorn, mint, oregano
– Courtyard for relaxation with a hearth in the center
– National cuisine
– Peeling room
– VIP room for companies from 9 to 22 people.
– Open Lounge zone (during spring, summer)

– A relaxation room with a fireplace inside with access to the sauna and recreation complex – ideal for groups of friends and relatives of up to 8 people, where you can relax and enjoy the most delicious dishes of national cuisine.
While relaxing in the sauna “Yshtyk Moncho» you will feel the rush strength and energy for a week. It is an ideal place where you can break away from pressing problems, gadgets and just enjoy the rocky mountains, starry sky and good company.