Kara-Bulak Eco Resort: The story

We are the team of Kara-Bulak Eco Resort would like to tell You the story of our brand that is still going on and its narration is being written not only by us but You as well – our welcomed guests.

The story of Kara-Bulak Eco Resort is inseparably associated with its ideological inspirer, Zhumadil Egemberdiev. Once upon a time and many years ago, during first years of 2000, in the course of one of his hiking along Chui valley mountains, he had seen the most beautiful place – Kara-Bulak in Tatyr natural landmark. Each time when he was travelling to this place, while beholding its beauty and breathing in its pure mountain air, while washing his face with a spring water that possesses mitigating fatigue properties, more and more he was getting inspired with an idea that one shall share this not only the most beautiful but ecologically clean place on earth with the rest of the world.

People all around the world, both in small and large cities, are in need of reloading against stress and insalubrious environment caused by air pollution with transport, plants and factories. Mankind has already started to understand and solve essential issues for the purpose of ecological situation improvement on our planet.

Whereby commune with nature is and will be that irreplaceable and natural resource, which revitalizes the man over again and provides with new energy. This insight has become a thrust, which motivated our ideological inspirer to start creation and to build Kara-Bulak Eco Resort, while adhering to solicitous attitude towards surrounding environment.

Every great story starts with a man who is looking for, creating and acting for the benefit of mankind. In our story it was done for the benefit of surrounding environment as well. And this man is – Zhumadil Egemberdiev, the one who has committed and is still committing all himself in hide and hair to Kara-Bulak Eco Resort, as well as his energy, ideas and labor.

There is a Kyrgyz proverb that states as follows: “Bash – akyl uchun, akylman – el uchun” (Head is for mind, wise man is for people). Wisdom of any leader is contained in leading the way for the people and in build everything together, in case if people have tripped, one shall help them to rise and to continue this joint path of creation. Position of Zhumadil Egemberdiev, while being a wise and hard-working leader, motivates our team to move forward and to go strong.

Creative process is not easy and full of hardships, those that have to be moved across. We have been conscientiously working over construction of Kara-Bulak Eco Resort, in order to create comfort for You in mountainous and arduous conditions for Your private communication with nature.

While having environment protection in mind, first of all we have built treatment facilities in accordance with the European standards. Following this our wonderful accommodation cottages have emerged, those that were built, while having in mind people’s health, of environmentally-friendly materials.

To this date we are still working on and continue our development process while applying the most innovative approaches so that every our welcomed guest could enjoy not only communication with nature and experiencing of ecologically-clean food, but also actively pass own time. We offer to get positive emotions through sports-oriented entertainment, as well as hiking, tracking, horse tours, steam-bath procedures and herbs baths. We are offering health-improvement programs – kumys therapy, the one that will charge Your body with a nutrition value of mare's milk. We offer You to wash Your face with Kara-Bulak spring water in order to take away accumulated fatigue that was caused by fast and highly-charged pace of life in small and large cities.

The idea for creation of our “Yshtyk Moncho” sauna complex all by itself requires telling of a separate story. Its background goes long ways to the depth of human civilization existence. The life of a human, including nomadic cultures, would be impossible without four main, so cold classical elements of nature as follows: Air, Fire, Soil and Water. All of them possess with wonderful features and are having an effect onto mankind by themselves and in combination with one another. While having all these in mind we have created “Yshtyk Moncho”, and made it a sacral place, whereat simultaneously dominates spring Water, Fire, Soil and Air. They are purifying man not only physically but spiritually as well, and provide with swirling of strength and energy. If You want to visit an unforgettable place on earth – You should visit “Yshtyk Moncho”, whereat every single fine will be added into a big picture of Your restored new energy.

We will constantly be engaged in a dialogue with You in order to get improved, implement something new and useful for You, and to continue writing with You, our welcomed guests, a beautiful common story.

Year-wise chronology


Ideological inspirer and the founder of Kara-Bulak Eco Resort – Zhumadil Egemberdiev, the one who started our story.


Mountains and nothing else, this is what was the place like – Kara-Bulak in Tatyr natural landmark. The foundation was laid with planting of trees in order to create a green leaf-bearing oasis in mountains.


Painstaking and hard work has yielded its fruits – threes have established and got big.

2012-2013 гг.

First infrastructure object – the road. .


Next infrastructure object – treatment facilities.


Beginning of small houses construction – cottages of hotel complex.


One small house is ready, latter on the rest of them were built.


Planting of trees and landscaping of hotel complex territory. Senior generation represented by Zhumadil Egemberdiev inculcates the practise of hard-working and creation for younger generation, i.e. for own grandsons and granddaughters.


Laying of paving stone road within hotel complex is in progress.


Here it is – paving stone road, the one that has harmonically fit into design of a hotel complex.

2014 year


The team of Kara-Bulak Eco Resort, the one that was working at ground zero and till the very end (from L to R): Shamil Egemberdiev, Nurgul Anarbekina, Minura Muktarbekova


Winter's Tale in the mountains. Hotel complex in winter.


Hotel complex against the background of nature beauties. Harmony.


Small houses-cottages are sinking in greenness and flours during spring, summer and early fall.


Traditions and modernity of interior design. Coziness and comfort.


Beginning of “Yshtyk Moncho” sauna complex construction.


Wooden terrace of the hotel complex.

2016 год

Here is finished “Yshtyk Moncho” sauna complex.


The pool of “Yshtyk Moncho” sauna complex..


Sauna that is available the year around and around the clock


Ethno-house for recreation at “Yshtyk Moncho” sauna complex.


VIP-room for recreation at “Yshtyk Moncho” sauna complex.


Up-to-date conference room.


Beginning of restaurant complex construction, completion of which will surprise and present positive culinary emotions.

2017 год

Model of a restaurant complex. Opening is in fourth quarter of 2017.

Our numbers

years at the market

satisfied visitors

the only smoke bath-house in KG

Plan for the Development of Complex


ECO Restaurant


Massage room

There is nothing better than massage for recreation, de-stress, improvement and resumption of your health.


Conference hall

Conference hall is a great place for those who want to hold events, training courses, seminars outside the city.


Bungee jump

Bungee jump is for fans of active rest and who looks for adrenaline.